About us

As lone creatives in a family of left-brainers, Margie Marshall and her mother (her namesake) were an inspiration to each other.  Design was an obsession from an early age. It was in design school where Margie discovered that rules were her nemesis and pushing the boundaries was her modus operandi.  Then when her mother passed away, her methods of creating beautiful interiors only expanded. Styles her mother loved were once of no interest to Margie, but now became special and dear.  Blending the old with the new has become her mantra.  And as fresh, new designs become more and more difficult to find, this juxtaposition of styles has proven to fill a much needed niche. Margie and her team scour the country to find pieces that are sure to provoke and inspire.  So browse our online catalog and find something that speaks to you.  But act quickly, because our one of a kind pieces go fast.